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I am Sugith Karunaratne, an accomplished web developer in Edmonton, Alberta with over eight years of experience in a variety of programming languages, web architecture, and development methods. This website will help you to get to know me in personal and professional level; my education, career, portfolio and much more. So please sit back and enjoy!

Why I love video games

I don't call myself a gamer, but I love spending a few hours on my PS3, playing Don Bradman 14'. The interest grew up with the DOS games back in 90's and was addicted to the games like Super Mario, NFS, and Cricket.

Why I love coffee

The taste of a good coffee keeps you active and awake. Specially when the temperature go below 0 celsius in Edmonton.

Why I love cricket

I learnt to play cricket when I was a child and since then I could not resist the temptation of playing cricket. I play cricket in the Edmonton & District Cricket League.

I am good at

These are the skills I'm most proud of

Web Design/ Development
Backend Development
UI Design

Let's get technical


BTech. Degree in Technology Management

Northern Alberta Institute of Information Technology, Edmonton, Canada


Special Honors BSc. Degree in Information Technology

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Certificate in Graphic Designing

Kent Academy of Digital Science, Colombo, Sri Lanka


G.C.E Advanced Level

St.Sebastian's College, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Commerce Stream; Accounting, Economics, and Business Studies.


Diploma in PC Assembling, Networking & User Tech. Support

IDM Computer Studies (Pvt) Ltd, Colombo, Sri Lanka


  • Graphic Design
    9 / 10
  • Web Design
    9 / 10
  • User Interface Design
    9 / 10
  • HTML5/CSS3
    9 / 10
    9 / 10
  • Python
    8 / 10
  • Javascript/AJAX/jQuery
    9 / 10
  • Adobe Photoshop
    8 / 10
  • Windows/Ubuntu
    8 / 10
  • CMS Frameworks (Joomla/Drupal)
    9 / 10
  • E-Commerce Frameworks (OpenCart/Magento)
    8 / 10
  • Other web Frameworks (Django/CakePHP)
    8 / 10


I love to expand my knowledge.

I will list all the certificates soon.

Career Experience

Experience in the IT sector.


Full-Stack Developer

RigSmart Systems, Edmonton, Canada

I work at RigSmart Systems as a Full-Stack developer from 2018 April. My primary duties are;

  • To build and maintain the existing company CRM, fix bugs of it and add extra features to the application, build node js web services and applications to process large data and represent the data on cloud web applications.
  • Node.js/Postgres/Socket.io/Vuejs Web Applications:
    • Cranesmart.app web application dynamically loads the accessible cloud systems depending on the privileges and loads the dashboard for the requesting company.
    • Cranesmart.app authorization service app
      • Grant the access and issue tokens to the requesting valid users
      • Grant access to the services requests to access the cloud.
      • Cranesmart cloud data service
      • Listen to the requests of pushing or requesting data streams, authenticate with the Cranesmart authorization service and serve the client accordingly.
    • Services:
      • Connect Rigs to the cloud socket and push the local data to the cloud
      • Cloud web app to connect to the rig and pull live data
      • Service to maintain the maximum size of data on the database and delete synced, older records
      • Service to run Full Vacuum service on request and broadcast message to inform all the connected users
      • Service to get the dynamic IP address and update the Google domain names
  • PHP/Postgres Web Applications:
    • dsd.cranesmart.com - CRM of the business. (Local Access only web application) Updated the legacy code of PHP 4 to 7.2 & Postgres 8 to 11
    • Fixed identified bugs and added more new features to make the process easier for the services, marketing and sales
    • Internal project to create dynamic systems using Laravel, Postgres and VueJS

Technologies, Tools and Practices

  • PHP, Node.js, Express.js, Socket.io, Postgres, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap, element, RESTful APIs. Google Cloud, WebTokens. Laravel, Vuejs
2018 April - Current

Freelance Programmer/Web Developer

Miscellaneous Projects

Joomla Websites

  • www.slcfa.org

OpenCart Websites

  • www.cricmart.ca

Koken Websites (web site publishing for photographers)

  • www.devikausal.com
2008 - Current

Web Application Developer

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

I work at the Faculty of Education, the University of Alberta as a web developer from 2015 April to 2018 April. My primary duties were;

  • Collaborate with other members of the Technologies in Education project teams to assist with the design, development, and maintenance of education-related web-based applications; this includes consultations with users, developing documentation, and providing user training or support where appropriate
  • Works with the Learning Assessment Centre team to develop and support the E-Booking system
  • Researches and implements web-based solutions or assists as secondary support for other related projects, specifically using Javascript & jQuery, PHP, MySQL database and Apache web servers.
  • Sails.js Websites
    • https://apps.educ.ualberta.ca/visical

      Calendar Visualizer API to pull information about the upcoming courses and let the schedulers to play around the time tables to avoid conflicts of classes with the core courses.

  • Drupal Websites
    • http://lac.ualberta.ca/students#book (API & UI)

      A complete E-Booking system for management, instructors, and students.

    • http://albertaoer.com

      A module which talks to BCCampus open books API and pulls books from the repository and a module for reviewers to review open text materials and rubric the materials.

  • Slim Framework
    • https://memory-game.med.ualberta.ca/​ (API)
  • Google Chrome Apps
    • Google Chrome Extension to read printable reports from the interface and download as HTML files. (Python script to convert those HTML files to PDFs)
  • Other Apps
    • https://apps.educ.ualberta.ca/vote-dev

      Update the source code of the Faculty of Education Ballot website to PHP7

    • https://apps.educ.ualberta.ca/AnnualReportDev

      Updated the Faculty Annual Report website source code to download reports as PDfs

    • https://apps.educ.ualberta.ca/status-tracker

      App to track the status of the E-Booking, TAO and TAO pilot servers (apache and MySQL)

Technologies, Tools and Practices

  • PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Javascript, CSS, Semantic-UI, Materializecss, Google Chrome Extension Development, Slim Framework, HTML5, sails.js, reactive.js, D3.js, Drupal7, RESTful APIs
2015 April - 2018 April

Web Developer

Chinook Multimedia Inc., Edmonton, Canada

Worked as a contract part-time web developer for Chinook Multimedia Inc. from April 2014. I was responsible for modifying, adding new features, changing DB model according to the new requirements, integrate the system with Moneris payment gateway, and CSS changes to a Joomla event management component.

Joomla Websites

  • Alberta Regional Consortia

Technologies, Tools and Practices

  • PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, CSS3, JavaScript, Mootools, Joomla, Moneris payment gateway
2014 April - 2015 February

Lead Developer

Wild TV Inc. | Smart OTT Inc., Edmonton, Canada

Worked at Wild TV Inc. as a lead developer from 2013. Wild TV is a Canadian English language Category B specialty channel broadcasting hunting and fishing programs.

My responsibilities were;

  • Maintain existing company websites.
  • Create new websites, components, modules and plugins for Joomla framework.
  • Build applications to automate manual processes to help the company infrastructure.
  • Graphic designing/UI designing.
  • Create apps for SMART TVs.
  • Amazon AWS Cloud integration with the existing websites and applications.
  • Connect the websites with the payment gateways like Beanstream, Paypal, Authorize.net for online payment facilities.
  • Build web application and smart TV applications with Python and Django, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Backbone.js, and Underscore.js.

Joomla Websites

  • www.wildtv.ca
  • www.gigecast.com
  • www.theedgetv.ca
  • www.outdoorexpo.ca
  • www.flatlinerstv.com
  • www.smartott.com
  • www.cultmovienetwork.com
  • www.scalpcreek.com
  • www.willmoreoutfitters.ca
  • www.rocklakelodge.ca

Django Websites

  • www.platform.smartott.com

PHP, Python, and jQuery Scripts

  • Various scripts to automate manual processes in Wild TV, including report generation applications.

Technologies, Tools and Practices

  • PHP, MySQL, Python, Django, DynamoDB, HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, CSS3, XML, JSON, JavaScript, Mootools, Amazon AWS, Beanstream , Paypal, Authorize.net payment gateways, Joomla, Mezzanine, Underscore.js, Backbone.js, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.
2013 February - 2015 April


Webrubix, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

I am the founder and the main developer of a freelance web development company called Webrubix. I used to work on projects as I find free time. You can visit the website on //webrubix.com. I have mentioned below the websites that I have done so far under Webrubix.

Joomla Websites

  • www.synergo.lk
  • www.channatours.com
  • www.webrubix.com
  • www.sugithk.com
  • www.sugith.com
  • www.artistabusiness.com/joomla
  • www.artistabusiness.com/newsite

Opencart Shopping Carts

  • www.lkarts.com

Technologies, Tools and Practices

  • PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, CSS3, JavaScript, Mootools, Joomla, Opencart
2010 August

Software Engineer

iBCScorp, Battaramulla, Sri Lanka

Worked with iBCSCorp LLC in Sri Lanka as a Team Lead/Software Engineer from April 2010 till December 2011. iBCSCorp is a USA based company that established the developing branch in Sri Lanka. My responsibilities were to create, update, and maintain websites for the clients in the United States. I had to use CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, PHP and, CMSs like Joomla, Silverstripe, Drupal, Wordpress and CakePHP to accomplish the required tasks. Nevertheless coordinate with project managers in the United States and lead other developers to make sure we deliver what the client requested. Assist the designers with the web design efforts for websites. Create components and modules for Joomla, create e-commerce websites using Magento, Virtumart, and OpenCart, and add features to existing Magento e-commerce websites, integrate with Authorize.net payment gateway, and provide technical support for usability issues and critical site problems were part of my responsibilities. Websites I created and took part in adding new features:

SilverStripe Website

  • www.mukilteodental.com

Drupal Website

  • www.clement.com

Magento Websites

  • www.dawg.com
  • www.bristols6.com

Joomla Websites

  • www.subzeroeng.com
  • www.dixielegal.com
  • www.southernutahdivorce.com

Opencart Website

  • www.youniqueyboutiquey.com

CakePHP Website

  • www.bamforbids.com

Technologies, Tools, and Practices

  • PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, CSS3, JavaScript, Mootools, Joomla, SilverStripe, Drupal, Magento, Opencart, CakePHP, Authorize.net payment gateway, PayPal
2010 April - 2011 December

Software Engineer

Eyepax IT Consulting (Pvt) Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka

Worked with Eyepax IT Consultant Private Limited in Sri Lanka as s Software Engineer from June 2008 to April 2010. I was responsible for developing Joomla CMS websites and shopping carts in Magento, DotNetNuke, and AspDotNetStorefront.Other than that I was coordinating with the clients and the developers of the projects and gathered the necessary requirements to carry on projects, and training customers with administering the websites and shopping carts. Furthermore, I worked on Search Engine Optimization on the websites. Web sites that I created and took part:

Joomla Websites

  • www.singerco.com.au
  • www.lifeart.com.au
  • www.paintball.lk
  • www.eyepax.info
  • www.rdms.se
  • www.cheaphotels.co.il
  • www.slpolitics.org

Magento Website

  • www.lankashoppingmall.com

Dotnetnuke & Catalook Website

  • www.kickmobiles.com – Designed the site and applied the theme to the site. Coordinated with the client and distributed the work among the developers. I managed the project with the client, educated the developer with the new framework and trained the client with the shopping cart features and the functions.

AspDotNetStoreFront Website

  • www.whiteport.com.au – I researched the framework and its features and how to code it and educated the developers. I was responsible for coordinating the client and the developers. Trained the client with the shopping cart and it is functions.

Internal Time Tracker and a CRM

  • I was developing an internal time tracker and a CRM for the clients to see the status of each project, Project Managers to assign developers to each project. This project was started with C#.NET and changed to the development process and carried with VB.NET.

Technologies, Tools and Practices

  • PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, CSS3, JavaScript, Mootools, Joomla, Magento, Dotnetnuke & Catalook e-commerce module, AspDotNetStoreFront e-commerce website, VB.NET, C#.NET, T-SQL,C#.
2008 June - 2010 April

My Projects

Projects I've done in the last few years

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